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Two more skull value/construction studies.

References found here CGBrush.org


Female Skull Value Studies Begun!

Just the first one! I’ll aim to get them all done within 24 hours! I’ll be completing them after work so i’ll only have around 8 hours!

More Maul!


Multiply layer core shadows, eyes and general face scaping! Still a lot to do. The more I do, the longer I realise this will take to reach the finish I want. I just need to set this benchmark of achievement so I can push at getting faster and better than whatever this turns out to be.

Sith+ Darth Maul Alternate Universe Update


Updated Maul. Added background, he’s seated in his cockpit. A cockpit of what? A Scimitar/Sith Infiltrator? Nope! What he’s piloting will give away too much a this stage as I’m not sure if this project with work or not. Using it for massive learning and good ol’fashioned fun! The “alternate” universe is a non-star wars universe though! Taking Maul out of Star Wars and testing and bending his design slowly until he cracks and explodes. More to do of course!

Alternate universe Darth Maul head shot Wip!


Spent a good amount of time on it this week. Pushing it as much as possible. Rendering light sources properly, dark darks, highlights defining core shadows more clearly too!