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Two more skull value/construction studies.

References found here CGBrush.org


Female Skull Value Studies Begun!

Just the first one! I’ll aim to get them all done within 24 hours! I’ll be completing them after work so i’ll only have around 8 hours!

Female Skull Studies for Crimson Daggers Mentoring with Shyam Shriram!

I’m doing an online mentoring program taught by the awesome Shyam Shriram.
The classes are held over at the Crimson Daggers forum here.
The whole initiative was setup by Daniel Warren and Dave Rapoza (the creators of the forum). If you haven’t heard of it before and would like to join in with improving your art skills then you can learn about the Crimson Daggers here. All abilities are welcome as we’re all about improving ourselves artistically.

So these are my first studies I’ve completed for the first assignment:

The full assignment is this (I’ve only finished the first part!):
10 Female Skull Drawings – please spend more time on the construction, only line drawings.
10 Female Skull Paintings (Black & White, no need to render too much, just concentrate on the construction and values/tones)
5 Master copies

Studies from the past few weeks

Studies old and new that I didn’t upload. The Ned Stark study is current and I’m 6 hours in with a few hours still to go yet! Visit my livestream at livestream.com/lewislongsstudyrage to see my process of painting my digital stuff!

Unreferenced stuffingtons!

A few drawings straight from the noggin (head. for international readers). More of this to come. This is my not so serious stuff. I need to get serious!









I currently teach at an art centre in Hong Kong. We practice some English, read stories and paint some pictures. I use flash cards to teach and this summer we will be learning how to tell simple stories with 3 or 4 sentences only. These are some of my flash cards for this summers Fairy Tale project. I have very limited time to make these so it’s good practice but I end up wanting to finish them up a little more. I think I’ll add to the witch later. She’s got something going on, maybe.




I had the opportunity to spend some time teaching one of my students some slightly more in depth drawing skills. She chose what to draw and I attempted to explain the way to think about drawing using reference. Super simple language, a lot of body gestures and a lot of tiny doodles and using kitchen roll tubes with straight lines perpendicular to the length of the roll to observe how the rounded form moves in space (the line “wrapping” around the contours of the tube! She did a splendid job and she will be painting it tomorrow so I’ll make an update for her. That means I need to make sure I have more studies to update with too!

Finally Done with Arnie’s Back Study!

Digital painting study of the forms of the back muscles when flexed beyond all comprehension. Below shows my process for making this image. I hope it shows that I used the photo reference to allow me to figure out the forms as they would exist in space and map everything out from scratch.
I changed the background a little when compared to the original reference to enhance the composition and remove the tangents that appeared due to background shapes “touching” the contours of the top of the hands and right side of the head. Some areas are more detailed than others in form and value range to draw focus to the back as the eye is attracted first to areas with most detail.

I learnt a lot with this and the anatomy study did indeed continue through the rendering stage since I had to account for and describe the extra forms created by the skin and tissue being laid over the muscle forms.

Time to study some more practical figures for anatomy study. Making a study of someone unnaturally flexing every muscle is great as a first step in figuring out the insertion points of muscles on the skeleton but it is only good in my visual library for those characters I draw that are flexing every muscle. I think body building is the only reason I can think of for someone needing to do that so i’ll go study people doing more useful things with their naked bodies.

Flexed muscles forms of the back.

Yes, He’s back………

Quite a diverse pun in the title.

anatomy study of upper torso back muscle forms.

Next step for tonight, used some multiply layers in photoshop over a levels edited copy of the previous drawing. I made the original drawing lighter to eliminate nasty blacks and then used 3 multiply layers to separate planes facing away from the light source, planes facing the light source, some core shadows and cast shadows too. Very quick and rough.
I merged it all down now I’m taking away the muscle contour lines from the drawing and neatening up shadows.

Working on Core shadows, Cast shadows and up to a mid for planes in light. I’ll focus on more of a value range in the light after that mainly to stop me from painting flat “over exposed” looking areas of light. I want to give credit to my new found knowledge of the muscles of the back upper torso.

I’m pushing this now because I haven’t pushed a painting past what I think I’m capable of for a long time and I’m here to learn. I left the anatomy study behind after the drawing was complete. Now I’m studying light over the forms (using the knowledge gained from the initial drawing step), edge control and general composition. I’ll be working on creating focal points within the figure so the resulting image is something semi-interesting to look at even if you’re not a beefcake fanatic.