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Two more skull value/construction studies.

References found here CGBrush.org


Female Skull Value Studies Begun!

Just the first one! I’ll aim to get them all done within 24 hours! I’ll be completing them after work so i’ll only have around 8 hours!

Female Skull Studies for Crimson Daggers Mentoring with Shyam Shriram!

I’m doing an online mentoring program taught by the awesome Shyam Shriram.
The classes are held over at the Crimson Daggers forum here.
The whole initiative was setup by Daniel Warren and Dave Rapoza (the creators of the forum). If you haven’t heard of it before and would like to join in with improving your art skills then you can learn about the Crimson Daggers here. All abilities are welcome as we’re all about improving ourselves artistically.

So these are my first studies I’ve completed for the first assignment:

The full assignment is this (I’ve only finished the first part!):
10 Female Skull Drawings – please spend more time on the construction, only line drawings.
10 Female Skull Paintings (Black & White, no need to render too much, just concentrate on the construction and values/tones)
5 Master copies

Some lower leg studies

Yep just like the title said. Now all that’s left is to draw lots of figures from imagination and supplement with faster studies with strong gesture to solidify and internalise the information learnt. Let’s see……..


And just a shot out of my apartment window. The other group of buildings way in the distance are part of Shenzhen across the border and into mainland China.


Upper leg studies with Glenn Villpu.

As per the title plus an updated witch.
Need to do studies of lower leg and then many full leg sketches from ref and imagination to solidify and test memory retention! I love Villpu’s anatomy lectures. They’re pricey but worth it for an extra anatomy tutor!




Above is my study setup, my MacBook pro is on standby with extra monitor should I need more ref!

Studies, Fire Walk With Me and Super Fine Liners.

A bunch of studies from the past few weeks. I need to draw way more. Over due update!









This is from life in a coffee shop in Mong Kok. I sucked bad, i’m out of practice with life studies. Not a matter of skills or knowledge just not used to the pressure of not knowing when they’ll leave and trying not to let them see you. He saw me, his friends pointed out that some weirdo foreigner was drawing him, he reacted by sitting on the couch opposite him facing a way from me. Prick!
So I f_cked it up. Yeah, more of this stuff needed to push me to speed up!


All in all I’m finding fine liners/ink pens in general are better for me to speed up my pace. It means I have studies with many errors but also is a more realistic record of times where I let my hand do what it wanted without my brain executing a conscious order. I want to improve on my down and dirty sketching while studying so that my worst stuff will still look pretty good in my portfolio when I finally construct it. You’re only as good as your worst piece after all!

Finally Done with Arnie’s Back Study!

Digital painting study of the forms of the back muscles when flexed beyond all comprehension. Below shows my process for making this image. I hope it shows that I used the photo reference to allow me to figure out the forms as they would exist in space and map everything out from scratch.
I changed the background a little when compared to the original reference to enhance the composition and remove the tangents that appeared due to background shapes “touching” the contours of the top of the hands and right side of the head. Some areas are more detailed than others in form and value range to draw focus to the back as the eye is attracted first to areas with most detail.

I learnt a lot with this and the anatomy study did indeed continue through the rendering stage since I had to account for and describe the extra forms created by the skin and tissue being laid over the muscle forms.

Time to study some more practical figures for anatomy study. Making a study of someone unnaturally flexing every muscle is great as a first step in figuring out the insertion points of muscles on the skeleton but it is only good in my visual library for those characters I draw that are flexing every muscle. I think body building is the only reason I can think of for someone needing to do that so i’ll go study people doing more useful things with their naked bodies.

Flexed muscles forms of the back.