Angry Self Portrait and Gesture Studies

Focused on planes of the body and head tonight. I’m trying to increase my speed at the moment. Made a nice brush for quick sharp-to-soft lay-in. It rotates with pen tilt too so it feels like a nice flat hog hair brush without the bristle scratches! Self portrait was around 2 hours and the lunging dude was around 20 minutes.

Check out my livestream if you haven’t already!



Composition Generation and Ideas!

Stuff from last few days. Working on pushing my work from imagination and finding ways to boost it focusing on abstract composition and value shapes first to define and inspire direction for a piece. I’ve practiced generating ideas for whimsical stuff and then taking an idea and producing different compositions based off a thumbnail idea. It’s really fun fun fun! Let’s paint a happy little warrior girl!

These are studies and idea’s to develop:

Ned the Dead!

Small update.

Studies from the past few weeks

Studies old and new that I didn’t upload. The Ned Stark study is current and I’m 6 hours in with a few hours still to go yet! Visit my livestream at to see my process of painting my digital stuff!

Path to Deathline – Finalised Daily Routines for the next 8 months.

Amended schedule after the testing week. Needless to say the test week revealed the need for a new desktop pc build as my 2009 MacBookPro 13″ isn’t enough for larger brushes or canvas sizes in Photoshop. The new build allows for livestreaming and painting pretty well, just my questionable internet connection thats holding it back. Seems to cut off the stream sometimes. I have local backups though to upload to youtube too!

This is for the next 8 weeks:


This is for the 4-5 months I’ll be spending studying and portfolio building:


Any gaps in time simply mean break for lunch or dinner or whatever. I also eat and drink while studying if I need to though!

It begins for real tomorrow. No more testing. Let’s see where I’ll end up one year from now when I’m pushing myself to the limit!

Day 1 of Deathline routine testing!

This is my first day of the Deathline routine!

Anatomy studies from photos. Wanted to do about 10 speedy gestures with rough values blocked in but ended up spending all the time on just 2! Oops!

A self portrait at 09:00, indirect sunlight, blue green walls make for a pretty low chroma, cool palette with subtle warms in areas where blood vessels are closest to the skins surface. I was trying to be mindful of James Gurneys description of the colour zones of the face too and adapting that to the lighting situation! Fun fun!

Another Maul update!

Started a Sargent master copy today and discovered Wikipaintings! Such an easily accessible and reliable resource for pretty decent digital reproductions of paintings! So I work with the Sargent’s painting alongside mine but at no point do I pick colour from the painting. It’s about studying and trying to work out everything Sargent was good at and hopefully take a piece of Sargent with me to my own work. Focusing mostly on gesture and colour palette right now. Doing this really kicks your ass to get proportions right, composition etc as well as being more exacting with colour choices etc. hopefully I can have this finished by the end of this week!


This is a Deathline for anyone that doesn’t know and wants to. My goals are simply to produce a fresh portfolio within 7 or 8 months from now and then see if I’m ready for freelance or studio work. I’m pretty limited with job choices because I live in Hong Kong and want to stay here for another couple of years with my girlfriend who has begun her career path in the lingerie industry now. My choices are a handful of studios, some animation, some android/iOS game studios too that will hire foreign workers. If that doesn’t happen I’ll be going for part-time English teaching, some big international schools here can pay enough so I can eat, drink and pay rent while also being eligible for a visa still, for 3 days a week and then I’ll have 4 days and evenings to study or find freelance work and improve my portfolio that way. Whatever happens I’m going to get to a point where I can get studio work or bigger freelance jobs, it’s just a matter of how fast I can find my feet and produce work to a professional standard. That’s kind of motivating. Anyway I’ve had fun today, it wasn’t the smoothest first day on the schedule test but it was way better than any other day I’ve had painting just because I kept switching it up with the next study area or project.

Too much talking I know, it was a big day for me but I’m ready for the next day. I probably had about 12 productive hours out of the proposed 16, missed the photo studies so I’ll make sure I get them in tomorrow. Some environments with figures and/or vehicles I think. Had a few distractions around my apartment today. Shouldn’t have that tomorrow, although I may have to go and build a new pc tomorrow if my Mac crashes photoshop again!

It’s not another Maul!


I have 5 days in a row off work. I’ll be finishing my current job in a couple of months and for 4 months after that I’ll be doing nothing but something to the effect of this schedule leaving weekends open to do more of the same or different stuff! I’m spending my five days off work doing this and finding out if my 2009 Macbook Pro will fail at higher resolution images. If so ill have to take a day to build a new PC for painting. It’ll be Skyrim worthy and Oculus Rift capable too, naturally. That is all!