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10 Value/Construction studies of skulls.


Two more skull value/construction studies.

References found here

Female Skull Value Studies Begun!

Just the first one! I’ll aim to get them all done within 24 hours! I’ll be completing them after work so i’ll only have around 8 hours!

Female Skull Studies for Crimson Daggers Mentoring with Shyam Shriram!

I’m doing an online mentoring program taught by the awesome Shyam Shriram.
The classes are held over at the Crimson Daggers forum here.
The whole initiative was setup by Daniel Warren and Dave Rapoza (the creators of the forum). If you haven’t heard of it before and would like to join in with improving your art skills then you can learn about the Crimson Daggers here. All abilities are welcome as we’re all about improving ourselves artistically.

So these are my first studies I’ve completed for the first assignment:

The full assignment is this (I’ve only finished the first part!):
10 Female Skull Drawings – please spend more time on the construction, only line drawings.
10 Female Skull Paintings (Black & White, no need to render too much, just concentrate on the construction and values/tones)
5 Master copies

Caucasian and Asian Head Line Studies!

Following Sickbrushes mentoring assignments over at when I can. Doing assignment 1 to do 30 line studies of heads from 5 different races. 3 male head studies and 3 female head studies for each race.


Sketching Hunters from different cultures


For a challenge at Create a Hunter, a monster and then armour crafted by the hunter after killing and collecting resources from the monster. You have to show signs of real world culture existing in the design of the hunter while keeping the design fresh (not just copying) and the monster needs to logically exist in the same environment as the hunter. 6 pieces of concept art in total. Hunter front and back in a 3/4 pose, creature 3/4 pose and possible other view to show specific design details and 2 more of the hunter with the new armour, weapons and items crafted. Sweet challenge. Would be good exercising to do this sort of project every now and again but vary culture mashups in each. I’m Referencing Zulu tribes, Hadzabe people and Serbian hunting cultures. I’ll base my hunter in a cold climate while mixing in the African tribe elements. Not so much colourful braids though. I’m going to include the large Zulu shields somewhere. Maybe smaller for basic Hunter and a large heavy armour shield after that.

Tai Chi in old bus terminal

On my walk home from work, on Thursday’s there is a small Tai Chi group that practice together. Today I decided to snap them. I’ll try to get a different shot every Thursday and maybe ebb do some sketching. On different days there are other groups. Every morning for example there is a group of 50+ women practicing dancing with fans. Occasionally there are some advanced Tai Chi groups using swords so I’ll definitely snap and sketch the crap out of them. Just need to remember what day they practice. Posting here will help.

These will make a great study and ref file so more Tai Chi to come. Next time I’ll be even more brave and snap some up close poses from the front.