Path to Deathline – Finalised Daily Routines for the next 8 months.

Amended schedule after the testing week. Needless to say the test week revealed the need for a new desktop pc build as my 2009 MacBookPro 13″ isn’t enough for larger brushes or canvas sizes in Photoshop. The new build allows for livestreaming and painting pretty well, just my questionable internet connection thats holding it back. Seems to cut off the stream sometimes. I have local backups though to upload to youtube too!

This is for the next 8 weeks:


This is for the 4-5 months I’ll be spending studying and portfolio building:


Any gaps in time simply mean break for lunch or dinner or whatever. I also eat and drink while studying if I need to though!

It begins for real tomorrow. No more testing. Let’s see where I’ll end up one year from now when I’m pushing myself to the limit!


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