Unreferenced stuffingtons!

A few drawings straight from the noggin (head. for international readers). More of this to come. This is my not so serious stuff. I need to get serious!









I currently teach at an art centre in Hong Kong. We practice some English, read stories and paint some pictures. I use flash cards to teach and this summer we will be learning how to tell simple stories with 3 or 4 sentences only. These are some of my flash cards for this summers Fairy Tale project. I have very limited time to make these so it’s good practice but I end up wanting to finish them up a little more. I think I’ll add to the witch later. She’s got something going on, maybe.




I had the opportunity to spend some time teaching one of my students some slightly more in depth drawing skills. She chose what to draw and I attempted to explain the way to think about drawing using reference. Super simple language, a lot of body gestures and a lot of tiny doodles and using kitchen roll tubes with straight lines perpendicular to the length of the roll to observe how the rounded form moves in space (the line “wrapping” around the contours of the tube! She did a splendid job and she will be painting it tomorrow so I’ll make an update for her. That means I need to make sure I have more studies to update with too!


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