Studies, Fire Walk With Me and Super Fine Liners.

A bunch of studies from the past few weeks. I need to draw way more. Over due update!









This is from life in a coffee shop in Mong Kok. I sucked bad, i’m out of practice with life studies. Not a matter of skills or knowledge just not used to the pressure of not knowing when they’ll leave and trying not to let them see you. He saw me, his friends pointed out that some weirdo foreigner was drawing him, he reacted by sitting on the couch opposite him facing a way from me. Prick!
So I f_cked it up. Yeah, more of this stuff needed to push me to speed up!


All in all I’m finding fine liners/ink pens in general are better for me to speed up my pace. It means I have studies with many errors but also is a more realistic record of times where I let my hand do what it wanted without my brain executing a conscious order. I want to improve on my down and dirty sketching while studying so that my worst stuff will still look pretty good in my portfolio when I finally construct it. You’re only as good as your worst piece after all!


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