Yes, He’s back………

Quite a diverse pun in the title.

anatomy study of upper torso back muscle forms.

Next step for tonight, used some multiply layers in photoshop over a levels edited copy of the previous drawing. I made the original drawing lighter to eliminate nasty blacks and then used 3 multiply layers to separate planes facing away from the light source, planes facing the light source, some core shadows and cast shadows too. Very quick and rough.
I merged it all down now I’m taking away the muscle contour lines from the drawing and neatening up shadows.

Working on Core shadows, Cast shadows and up to a mid for planes in light. I’ll focus on more of a value range in the light after that mainly to stop me from painting flat “over exposed” looking areas of light. I want to give credit to my new found knowledge of the muscles of the back upper torso.

I’m pushing this now because I haven’t pushed a painting past what I think I’m capable of for a long time and I’m here to learn. I left the anatomy study behind after the drawing was complete. Now I’m studying light over the forms (using the knowledge gained from the initial drawing step), edge control and general composition. I’ll be working on creating focal points within the figure so the resulting image is something semi-interesting to look at even if you’re not a beefcake fanatic.


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